Clearview Fencing

Clearview style panels were developed in with both design and style in mind, creating a unique high security barrier product that enhances the appearance of any property.

Four unique features make Clearview Style fencing a wise investment when considering options to secure your perimeter.

Clearview style panels are generally finished in one of three ways:

  • Pre-Galvanised
  • Patented Fusion Coating

Difficult to Climb

Constructed in such a way to make it harder to cross the fence.

Difficult to Cut

Specially hardened steel, to ensure cutting it is extremely difficult.


Constructed and installed with superior materials making it an extremely rigid fence.

Provide Excellent Visibility

Designed with visibility in mind offering u view of your surroundings when using Clearview fencing

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Honiball Master Fence, as a business, was established in 2010, but our team's combined experience in the industry reaches well over the 85-year mark.

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