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Honiball Master Fence

Fencing & Gates - Precast Walls – Concrete Palisade

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About Us

Beta Fence, Gabions, Stock Fence Security Fence, Nylofor, Stock and vermin-proof, Game Fence, steel palisade, precast walling, steel gate manufacture, Construction, and Civil works.

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Our Services

Stock-Game-Vermin-Proof-Electric Fence, High-Security Mesh, Steel-Concrete Palisade, Civil Construction, Beta fence & ClearVu Fencing.

Beta Fence

Palisade Fencing

Diamond Mesh Fencing

Clearview Fencing

Electric Fencing

Vibracrete Walls

We are Betafence and ClearVu Fence Certified Installers

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Company Info

Honiball Master Fence, as a business, was established in 2010, but our team's combined experience in the industry reaches well over the 85-year mark.

Our Services

High Security Mesh

Steel-Concrete Palisade

Civil Construction

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